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a race and gender diversity ranking of 100 top tech companies
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Dear tech people,

Most of us agree that tech could be a little more diverse. After talking to 50 HR leaders and hundreds of employees, we found diversity data to be incredibly sparse. We analyzed thousands of profiles across LinkedIn and AngelList and now have the data to hold companies accountable. We hope our data empowers advocates to push for change. Here’s how 100 tech darlings rank on diversity and inclusion.

The Ranking

If you’re curious about how we created these rankings, see our methodology here.











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Kick off the diversity discussion with your company’s leadership

Use Dear Tech People to start the diversity discussion with your CEO or head of HR at the next company-wide meeting. What initiatives are planned for next quarter? What does success look like?

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Start specific diversity initiatives

Leverage Dear Tech People data to make the internal case to invest in inclusion initiatives—like sending engineers to Grace Hopper, sourcing interns from HBCUs, or instituting bias training.

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