Dear Tech People

a race and gender diversity ranking of 100 top tech companies

Work with us

Companies with better gender and racial diversity outperform their peers financially. Regardless of your diversity numbers now, a commitment to transparency is the first step towards improvement. If you are a company ready to make diversity a priority, we want to help. Here are some ways we can work together.

Build your brand

Become a verified partner by submitting your self-reported diversity numbers. Once verified, companies get 1) an official verified badge and 2) a company page to show-case diversity initatives and new jobs. This will help you signal to candidates that you're commited to the cause.

Analyze your candidate pipeline

Use our pipeline analytics tool to analyze candidates in your ATS (GreenHouse) and provide analytics on a per job basis. D&I;, HR, and talent leaders can evaluate talent pipelines to ensure companies are on track for diversity goals.

Measure your results

Track your company’s progress over time with periodic benchmark reports. Measure the success of diversity initatives with before and after numbers, and benchmark your progress across the rest of your sector.

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